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A letter of thanks to LFB Fire Cadets … 09/04/2014

Dear Annetta and all at the Fire Cadet Team, I write this letter with great sadness/joy for 2 reasons my son Jack will be Passing Out on the 4th April 2014 this coming Saturday after being in the Cadets over the last year, which to my great sadness Jack wont be attending no more. Jack would […]

When I Met The Queen – Lukasz Krause 04/12/2013

Good Moring, afternoon or even evening. Today I am writing to tell you my story form Gorton Monastery when I was pulled out the hat to go for lunch with the Lord Lieutenant and members of the Royal family. At this time I did not know I would meet The Queen and Duke Of Edinburgh – […]

Why I Love Fire Cadets! – Akashaa Rebab – Hollins Fire Cadet 07/10/2013

“I enjoy fire cadets a lot and it has taught me a lot of new skills that will come in handy in an emergency situation but it has also taught me other things like teamwork which is very important within any job. Fire cadets has also made me appreciate a lot more what the fire […]

Why I Love Fire Cadets! – Joshua Bland – Hollins Fire Cadet 07/10/2013

“I would like to start by outlining the key skills and values the fire cadets instils within its cadets, for example it gives young adults an insight into an authority and being able to take commands from those above yourself usually a quality not shared by most youths, it teaches respect for peers and people […]

Why I Volunteer! – Mrs Sagar – Volunteer Fire Cadet Instructor 07/10/2013

“School is situated in an area that has many social and economic challenges.  We continually look for ways to raise aspirations amongst our students, give them a taste of work life and its expectations and look for activities and environments that provide challenge, structure and discipline. Introducing our students to the Community Fire Cadet scheme […]