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Why I Love Fire Cadets! – Akashaa Rebab – Hollins Fire Cadet 07/10/2013

“I enjoy fire cadets a lot and it has taught me a lot of new skills that will come in handy in an emergency situation but it has also taught me other things like teamwork which is very important within any job. Fire cadets has also made me appreciate a lot more what the fire service and other services do for us and it has shown me how hard there work can be and it has made me develop a new form of respect towards these services. It has also made me realise what I myself can also do to help my community and raise awareness within it. I think everyone should join up and there should definitely be more fire cadets around the U.K as it is a great opportunity, and great fun too. Fire cadets is a lot of fun I am glad I decided to join, I have made many new friends and learnt new, very useful skills along way. I am always happy and excited to go, to the station every week.”