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Why I Love Fire Cadets! – Joshua Bland – Hollins Fire Cadet 07/10/2013

“I would like to start by outlining the key skills and values the fire cadets instils within its cadets, for example it gives young adults an insight into an authority and being able to take commands from those above yourself usually a quality not shared by most youths, it teaches respect for peers and people of authority since I joined I have noticed I am a much better person on a whole. It is fun while still moulding young people into safety conscious, well-rounded adults, people who have goals, aims in life the fire cadets gives a young adult something to aim for, in my case that would be to advance through the ranks of the greater Manchester fire service. Also from an educational point of view the fire cadets is extremely beneficial for example the respect instilled in myself by the fire cadets I am starting to use in everyday situations like school I now understand that people of authority are there to help me and not to stop me having fun if anything the fire service have shown a new way to have fun a safe controlled way before I joined I remember I used to have no extra-curricular activities outside school but now I have an amazing opportunity that will in my opinion better mine and all the other cadets lives, if it was possible I would recommend this to every child I am thankful for everything the fire cadets has done for me and i intend to pay them back when I become a fireman.”