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When I Met The Queen – Lukasz Krause 04/12/2013

Good Moring, afternoon or even evening. Today I am writing to tell you my story form Gorton Monastery when I was pulled out the hat to go for lunch with the Lord Lieutenant and members of the Royal family. At this time I did not know I would meet The Queen and Duke Of Edinburgh – when I received the letter from Gorton Monastery I was so excited.

On the day 14/11/2013 I was going with my Instructor Sarah to Gorton Monastery, when we arrived to this place I was a bit scared but exited at the same time but then an instructor from Boys and Girls Brigade told me “there are some girls inside and they don’t know anyone” so I decided to go in and meet them so at least I would know someone. While I went in I showed my invite to the security and they gave me my name badge and showed me the way to meet other members that were invited so I met 3 nice girls and couple of lads.

While we was waiting for the Royal Family to arrive there was some snacks and alcohol for over 18’s and juice for under 18’s. When The Queen was arriving everyone came outside to see and take some pictures, then one of the staff asked us to go and take a place in a dining hall. I was placed at table number 5 with other cadets (army, scouts) and also Mayors and other high rank people. I had a good view of The Queen and Prince Philip then when The Queen and Prince Philip sat down the Lord Lieutenant made a speech to thank everyone for attending this special occasion and to hope everyone has a great time.

After we finished eating The Queen and Prince Philip signed the visitor’s book and had to make their way back to London. Everyone finished their desert and started talking. I had some conversations with the Mayor of Oldham and a lot of other very high people. Then I saw my lovely Instructor Sarah inside and we decided to go because there was not a lot of happening but we took some good pictures. And this is my story from the 14/11/2013 when I met The Queen.