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Why I Volunteer! – Mrs Sagar – Volunteer Fire Cadet Instructor 07/10/2013

“School is situated in an area that has many social and economic challenges.  We continually look for ways to raise aspirations amongst our students, give them a taste of work life and its expectations and look for activities and environments that provide challenge, structure and discipline. Introducing our students to the Community Fire Cadet scheme has done all of these things. They look forward to the weekly meetings, learning various aspects of the Fire Service, engaging in activities and teamwork opportunities. They are proud when attending official functions and involve themselves in charity work.

It has also been an opportunity to encourage students from ethnic minority backgrounds to try the `uniformed services’ as they are currently underrepresented.

At the end of the two year scheme, it is hoped that the students will be successful in gaining a BTEC qualification that will be accredited to the school. We have also listed the fire station as an approved learning destination so the time the students spend there can count as voluntary hours on their `volunteering passports’; a scheme we are involved in with the Children’s University.

I personally feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for our young people and thoroughly enjoy supporting the scheme.”