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Cadets Emergency Services Day – Greater Manchester 05/11/2013

On Monday 28th October, Fire Cadets, Voluntary Police Cadets and St John Cadets from around Greater Manchester joined forces for the first Cadets Emergency Services Day which was held at Greater Manchester Police Training Centre.

Each service provided a challenge which demonstrates the sort of activities their cadets get involved in which gave the young people a good insight to the other services, the opportunity to experience something new and meet cadets from other units and services.

Fire Service Competition 2The Fire Cadets activity was part of the European Fire Cadets competition. Cadets learnt about the equipment, had a go at pumping water to a target and making fire service knots. Unfortunately Stuart Cooke became one of the targets for the Police and St John cadet teams!

St John were teaching basic first aid skills before the cadets took part in a scenario-based activity, putting the CPR skills into action and responding to injuries.

The Police activity was a secret operation, where cadets had to search for hidden Farnwoth Cadets Gathering Evidenceevidence and decide what action to take in order to convict a drug dealer.

Throughout the day, cadets showed amazing leadership skills and many proved to have potential to work in a search team as they found the police evidence no matter how well it was hidden. I’ve been reliably informed that mistakes made were the same ones police officers make in training!

Finally, teams took part in the fire service competition to see who could pump water at the target the fastest. On this occasion, the Voluntary Police Cadets won – but only because they didn’t think it would be fair for the Fire Cadets to compete!

GMFRS Cadet Instructors were proud to see their teams from Hollins, Farnworth and Manchester perform well – they were a real credit to the fire service and all the cadets will receive a certificate of attendance. The next Cadets Emergency Service Day will take place in the February half-term.