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Hollins Fire Cadet Lukasz Has Lunch With The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh at Gorton Monastery 18/11/2013

Lukasz Krause, a Cadet Watch Manager from Hollins Fire Cadets in Oldham was selected to represent Greater Manchester Fire Cadets at an event on 14th November at Gorton Monastery.

Lukasz’s name was put forward by his Fire Cadet Instructors for all his hard work and commitment to the Fire Cadets programme over the past 16 months, but at the time, Lukasz didn’t realise that Royalty would be attending!

One young person from each of the Youth United organisations within Greater 3. Lukasz Chats to The Queen's DriverManchester had been given an invite and Lukasz was the lucky Fire Cadet who was selected by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

It wasn’t until Lukasz received a personal invitation in the post to luncheon with The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh that the enormity of the event hit him, but it had to be kept a big secret – something that Lukasz found very difficult with all the excitement!

So how did Lukasz’s lunch with The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh go?

I’ve heard it was AMAZING…… but who better to tell you all about it than Lukasz himself who is currently writing a blog of the event which will appear on the website shortly….