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Hollins Fire Cadets Visit Oldham Royal Hospital on Christmas Eve 14/01/2014

Hollins Fire Cadets have been planning their Community Project throughout December and on Christmas Eve all their hard work paid off.

Fire Cadets at Hollins were given the brief that they had to plan and carry out a project that would benefit their own community. Suggestions were made from instructors, however the group had their own ideas, better ideas!

Getting close to the Christmas period, the group decided unanimously that they would like to visit children in the local hospital who were unfortunate enough to be spending some or all of the holidays in one of the wards. The Cadets wanted the children to know that others were thinking of them while they are unwell in hospital.

So the group quickly got to work and Oldham Royal Hospital immediately agreed that the visit would be worthwhile. The Cadets decided to give up their Christmas Eve morning, some even wanted to visit on Christmas Day!

Project plans were drawn up, tasks were distributed, risk assessments were written and fundraising activities were carried out. Fire Cadets who attend Hathershaw College organised a meeting with the Head and agreements were made that they could wear cadet uniform in school for a week whilst they collected donations from fellow students. Some of the raised funds were used to buy cakes which were then sold at the school for a profit – great entrepreneurial skills demonstrated!

Lukasz also received contributions from members of his church and a huge number of gifts were donated from Cadet’s families, firefighters and the local community.

From the money raised, the group decided they would purchase gifts from the firefighter’s charity – another great cause close to their hearts.

So on Christmas Eve, Hollins Fire Cadets, armed with Cracker the GMFRS mascot costume, descended into the Children’s Unit carrying boxes full of gifts. So many gifts were taken, that they were able to leave a few boxes of extra gifts with staff for children who were admitted in subsequent days over the Christmas period.

Cracker helped to put smiles on all the children’s faces and even a few tears were 4. Handing Out Giftsspotted from parents who were overwhelmed by the Cadet’s generosity and caring natures.

The whole experience really made the Cadets realise how fortunate they were that they are all in good health. Although they enjoyed handing out gifts and talking to the children, many commented afterwards how sad it was to see children that are unwell, but all agreed that it was worth all the hard work and had left them with a warm feeling inside!

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