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A letter of thanks to LFB Fire Cadets … 09/04/2014

Dear Annetta and all at the Fire Cadet Team,

I write this letter with great sadness/joy for 2 reasons my son Jack will be Passing Out on the 4th April 2014 this coming Saturday after being in the Cadets over the last year, which to my great sadness Jack wont be attending no more. Jack would have liked to have carried on at Cadets on a voluntary basis but I was informed that Jack wouldn’t be able to until he was 18.

I would like to honestly thank everyone for the bottom of my heart if it wasn’t for Cadets my Jack could have took a wrong path like many teenagers today as he used to roam over the local Park meet up with friends and they would just be tricky teenager boys cause nothing else to do. Jack is no angel but boys being boys got up to no good and Jack really wasn’t that sort of nasty teenager he is to soft {niceway} but easily lead by the pressure of his mates. But as his Mother I saw my Son changing from a nice boy into this disrespectful, unloving, attuide, rude, swearing at me all the time, then a miracle happened he was chosen to attend a interview at Fire Cadets which I happy to say he passed and joined up.

To tell the truth I was proud and I have carried on being proud of Jack because he might not of attended and messed up but he didn’t instead he
grasped it with both hands and his heart, attuide, social/life skills and grown up. Im so so very grateful and appreciate that my Jack has chosen the right path. Jack has never missed one day at Cadets even when he hasn’t been in good health still attended and last but not least Jacks Birthday he choose to attend Cadets then miss it and have a Birthday Meal Dinner with me his Mother. Cadets came first and Im glad it did.

I know that Jack is gonna miss the Firefighters/Staff other Cadets and anyone else Jack has met during this time because without yourselfs he wouldn’t have made new Friends. He is so passionate, committed in his role that he passes his knowledge he has learnt to myself. Smoke Alarms you are to test these once a week Mum he would say and make sure they are in good working order in a event of a fire which to be honest I do check but not every week but since Jacks go on about it I do it once a week.

This is from the heart in all sincertary it breaks my heart that Jack wont be
attending Fire Cadets it has and will always be in his heart he his very passionate and to see him upset, he is gonna miss you like family.

I found my Jack again thanks to you allowing my Son to be lucky enough to be given this wonderful experience……and if there was a award for someone
changing there life around I would give to Jack and yourselfs….

Thanking You Unconditionally


(Jacks Mother)