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LFB Fire Cadets support Young Person of the Year Award 24/04/2014

On Saturday 29th March 2014 the Fire Cadets were invited to attend and facilitate with the John Lewis Young Person of the Year Award taking place  in London. The event was also supported by the Commissioner of London Fire Brigade.

The Cadets were excited about attending this event and were not disappointed, they had a fantastic time and met some really wonderful people.

Their role on the day was to monitor the car parking area, meeting and greeting guests and escorting the arriving dignitaries in to the venue. Once proceedings were underway, the Cadets were also providing help within the venue to ensure smooth running of the event.

Cadets were able to listen to the fascinating life stories being told by the young people who were nominated for the award.  The individual stories of struggle and determination showed  that by not giving up on your dream anything is possible.

“What can we do to become more involved in our community”?  This was a question asked by one of the Cadets on our journey home?  The  inspirational stories  had started to make them think about being more involved in their own community and about how they too could make a difference.

This event I’m sure has left them with the knowledge that if you have patience, determination and work hard anything is possible!